About The President

Ken NeufeldKen Neufeld began his role as the President & CEO of Victoria Theatre Association and the Arts Center Foundation on June 1, 2009. His career spans almost 40 years of executive management of performing arts centers, professional theatre companies, and civic museums both in Canada and the United States.

Ken, a Canadian citizen, has worked on both sides of the border at Studio Arena Theatre in Buffalo, New York; Gateway Theatre in Richmond, British Columbia; The Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company; and the Vancouver Museum and Planetarium Association. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in theatre and environmental studies from the University of Winnipeg, and a master’s degree in theatre from Michigan State University. He has also completed continuing education programs at the Banff Center (Banff, Alberta), the Harvard Business School, and the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Ken has served as an adjunct faculty member or guest lecturer for the Banff Center, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, British Columbia), Canisius College (Buffalo, New York), and Buffalo State College (Buffalo, New York) where he taught a course entitled “The Business of the Performing Arts.” Ken is an inaugural fellow of the National Arts Strategies CEO Program.

Ken has developed a national reputation for successfully diversifying audiences and expanding programming to include under-served and non-traditional audiences. He was widely acknowledged as one of the leading presenters of Asian programming in the Pacific Northwest during his time there. A creative thinker in dealing with economic downturns and urban revitalization, Ken has a reputation for being a collaborative arts and community partner.

Since coming to Dayton, Ken has introduced several new programs to Victoria Theatre Association; expanded education and engagement activities; developed new partnerships with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base; and initiated The Next Stage Campaign, which has currently doubled the size of the organization’s endowment fund.

He believes strongly in giving back to the community and in Dayton he is actively involved in the Downtown Dayton Partnership as a board member and co-chair of the Arts and Entertainment Committee of the Downtown Dayton Plan. Ken is also a former board member at the Montgomery County Convention and Visitors Bureau and an active member of Dayton Rotary.

Ken lives in Oakwood with his wife Lesley and his golden retriever Riley.

President & CEO

Ken Neufeld

Board of Trustees


  • Chair: Martha Shaker – President, Concept Rehab, Inc.
  • Treasurer: Chris Wyse – President & COO, Projects Unlimited, Inc.
  • Secretary: Wendy Lewis – CEO, Logos @ Work, LLC
  • Emeritus Chair: Neil Freund – Attorney at Law, Freund, Freeze & Arnold
  • The Next Stage Campaign Chair: Frank Perez – Community Volunteer


  • Cassie B. Barlow, PhD – Executive Director, Aerospace Professional Development Center
  • Dave S. Dickerson – Partner/Dayton Market President, Miller Valentine Group
  • John W. Ey – President, Radiology Business Managers, Inc.
  • Larry Glickler – Owner & Director, Glickler Funeral Home
  • Mark Keeton – VP, GM Solutions, Taylor Communications
  • Nick Lair – VP, Value Integration, Premier Health
  • Albert W. Leland – Community Volunteer
  • Mary Kaye Manchur – Community Volunteer
  • David McGillivary – Tax Senior Manager, Brixey & Meyer
  • Marla Schuster Nissan – Lawyer/Legal Recruiter, Alan Roberts & Associates
  • Casey Ott – Executive Site Leader, GE Aviation Systems
  • Jean Raga – Senior Sales Vice President, Sibcy Cline Realtors
  • John Rhodes – President, Refrigeration, Emerson Climate Technologies
  • Monte Salsman – Chief Operating Officer, Winsupply and the Win Family of Companies
  • Patti L. Stoll – Vice President, Wealth Director, PNC Bank, Wealth Management

Victoria Theatre Association Board members receive no compensation for their terms.

Emeritus Society

The Emeritus Society was formed in 2007 to honor the tremendous contributions made by former Trustees of the Victoria Theatre Association and Art Center Foundation Boards.

The Emeritus Society provides opportunities for former Trustees to reconnect with Victoria Theatre Association, meet current staff and Trustees and offers unique experiences to bring old and new friends together.

Michael Allik
Brian J. Anderson
James G. Anderson
Kent D. Anderson
Larry Anderson
William S. Anderson
Fred Bartenstein
Suzy Bassani
Bruce P. Bedford
Steve Beinlich
Edward Bentley
John Berry
Richard Berry
Thomas E. Bettcher
Carol A. Blain
John T. Blake
William D. Bloebaum
P. Irving Bloom
Vincent Bolling
Marsha Bonhart
Harry Brecha
Robert E. Buerger
John D. Bullock
Annye Camara
Terry D. Carder
Robert F. Chelle
Richard E. Clemens
George Cooper
Lynn Cornell
Charles Curran
John Danis
Ginny de la Chappelle
Chauncey Dean
Robert L. DeMarse
John C. Duritsch
Karen T. Dunlevey
Robert I. Duplain
Daniel W. Duval
Kathy Emery
Daniel J. Enneking
Anice Ervin
Dr. Mike Ervin
Eric C. Evans
Margo Evans
Charles E. Exley
Gerald S. Fahringer
John G. Fitzpatrick
Timothy J. Foley
John R. Folkerth
Peter H. Forster
Kelly Franz
Terry Friesenborg
Manuel Garcia
Norma J. Gaston
Russell Gesme
Jack Goldfrank
Don R. Graber
Maribeth Graham
Sally J. Grant
Anne S. Greene
Jonas J. Gruenberg
Sandy Gunlock
Penny Haddick
Alvin E. Hall
William S. Hann
Dorothy Harbach
Jeanette Harris
Laura Harrelson
Richard H. Harvey
Jon G. Hazelton
John W. Herbert
Wylie B. Hogeman
Cheryl S. Holdraker
Katherine B. Hollingsworth
Charles F. Horn
Mark V. Hurd
Macy P. Janney
Dwight T. Johnson
Jim Johnson
Donald Kasle
Ronald Katsuyama
Julie Liss-Katz
Kelly H. Kavanaugh
Robert J. Kegerreis, Ph. D.
John Kerwood
Susan Kettering
Virginia W. Kettering
Dudley Kircher
Leo E. Knight
Howard Krisher
Cate P. Laden
Howard L. Lance
David Lehman
Valerie Lemmie
Gail Levin
Irv Lieberman
William T. Lincoln
Jeff E. Lobaugh
Geoffrey R. Lorenz
Lester L. Lyles

Paula MacIlwaine
Rosalie O. Mainous
Eric Marcus
David S. Marshall
Michael Martin
Richard D. Martin
Lou Mason
Alice McCollum
Judy McCormick
Mike McCurdy
John M. McCurrach
Pat McDonald
Jerrie McGill
James McSwiney
Ronald McSwiney
Dale L. Medford
Barbara Miller
James M. Miller
Stephen M. Miller
Vail K. Miller
Donna Moon
Beth Mooney
Gary Morin
JoAnn Murray
Deborah K. Myers
Robert C. Nevin
Shirley Nixon
Robert J. Novello
Sharon Patterson
James O. Payne
Richard Perales
David Peterson
Jesse Philips
Rita Price
Gordon S. Price
Bernard Rabinowitz
Pete Redding
Eve Rieger
Burnell R. Roberts
Michael Robinson
Gerry Anne Rocco
Richard M. Roediger
Gayle Rominger
Charles P. Russ
R. Daniel Sadlier
Frederick W. Schantz
William P. Smith
William Schneider
Benjamin Schuster, MD
Marian Schuster
Josephine Schwarz
Richard Schwartz
Nachum Shamir
Earl Shanks
James Shells
Arthur Shone
Gina Showell
Joan Siebenthaler
Ira Siegel
Marlene Skilton
Ira Slakter
Rajesh K. Soin
Earl Sterzer
Raymond Stickel
Phil Stoltz
Ginny Strausburg
Gretchen L. Strohmeier
Thomas Suttmiller
Patricia K. Swanke
Stephen A. Swanson
Leonard I. Sweet
Joanne Teegarden
Sally F. Ten Eyck
Burdette Thompson
Cheri Thompson
J. Bradford Tillson
Tom Towler
Syl Townsend
Willie F. Walker
Daryl Ward
Lloyd G. Waterhouse
Fred Weber
William S. Weprin
Michael West
Judith Westerbeck
Thomas C. Wetzel
Richard Whistler
Betsy Whitney
William S. Wolff
Jean Woodhull
Judy Wyatt
David L. Wyse
Frederick N. Young