Discovery Series Workshops

This season we are trying something new. We have created a variety of exciting and educational workshops for you and your students that are available ALL YEAR LONG! That means you can still book a workshop the day you see one of our performances, or you can book a workshop on another day.

Each one-hour workshop is $125 for every 25 students – whether at the Victoria Theatre or at your school. Remember, workshops are customizable, available year-round, and able to travel to your school.

For more information and to schedule a workshop, contact VTA’s Education & Engagement Department at 937-228-7591, ext. 3039. 

Get Ready For Reading

Early childhood educators agree that reading readiness is essential to young student’s success in the classroom. Using Eric Carle’s charming picture books to encourage children to use their senses in the learning/reading experience, this workshop uses several of his colorful stories to explore new pathways to acquiring language skills through creative playmaking.

Recommended for grades PreK-2.

Speak Up, Speak Out Anti-Bullying Workshops

What does it mean to be a bully, a bystander, and an upstander? In this workshop, students will identify the different roles people play in a bullying scenario, using Helen Lester’s book Hooway for Wodney Wat. Through creative role-play, students will explore what it means to bully others and what it means to accept others for their differences.

Recommended for grades 2-6.

Character Creations

How do performers use their imaginations to bring characters to life? To make their performances believable, actors use the three tools of the actor: the voice, the body, and the imagination. Students will experience performance techniques to bring realistic and supernatural characters to life.

Recommended for grades 2-6.

Becoming A Storyteller

Where are you from? Writing a story can be intimidating – especially if it’s the biography of someone we know very well. In this creative workshop, students will use the powerful stories of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Maya Angelou, and Paige Hernandez as inspiration to begin writing an autobiography of the most important person in the world – you!

Recommended for grades 3-7.

The Mask Menagerie

Pirates, and dragons, and wolves, oh my! Great stories require great imaginations and in this workshop, students will use their imaginations to design and create a character mask inspired by their favorite character. Then, they will learn how to use their own bodies to help tell that character’s unique story.

Recommended for grades 4-12.

All The World’s A Stage

Reading and understanding Shakespeare’s beautiful words is a challenge for every student. Professional actors have similar challenges. In this workshop, students will approach Shakespeare’s words from an actor’s perspective, using specific performance techniques to investigate some of the Bard’s most well-known passages. By using these acting techniques, and hearing this poetry out loud, student actors will make new discoveries about Shakespeare’s poetry and better understand the worlds he created.

Recommended for grades 4-12.


Courtney Dortch
Coordinator – Education & Engagement
937-228-7591, ext. 3039