Doktor Kaboom And The Wheel Of Science!

December 9 - December 10, 2019 | Victoria Theatre


December 9 - December 10, 2019

Run Time

60 minutes (no intermission)


Monday 9:30 a.m. & 11:30 a.m.
Tuesday 9:30 a.m. & 11:30 a.m.

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Tickets $5
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Best For Grades 2-8

So much science, so little time! Doktor Kaboom is having trouble picking his favorite science demonstrations, so he’s bringing them all! Unfortunately, there are way too many to do them all in one show. The solution: The Wheel of Science! Doktor Kaboom has built a great big spinning wheel and labeled it with everything from optical illusions to chemical reactions to a homemade hovercraft, and more! Wherever the wheel stops, that’s what’s next! Will we turn a water bottle into a rocket or catapult bananas across the stage? Electrocute a pickle or create artificial gravity? Who knows? No two shows will be the same. So, step right up, and spin that wheel!


Curriculum Connections: 
Math, Science, Arts

Academic Standards Met:
Math: Measurement and Data
Science: Changes in Motion; Matter and Forms of Energy; Electricity, Heat, and Matter; Light, Sound, and Motion; Forces and Motion
Arts: TH:Re7.1.2; TH:Cn10.1.2; TH:Cn11.1.2; TH:Cn11.2.2; TH:Re7.1.3; TH:Cn10.1.3; TH:Cn11.1.3; TH:Cn11.2.3; TH:Re7.1.4; TH:Cn10.1.4; TH:Cn11.1.4; TH:Cn11.2.4; TH:Re7.1.5; TH:Cn10.1.5; TH:Cn11.1.5; TH:Cn11.2.5; TH.Re7.1.6; TH.Cn10.1.6; TH.Cn11.1.6; TH.Cn11.2.6; TH:Re7.1.7; TH:Cn10.1.7; TH:Cn11.1.7; TH:Cn11.2.7; TH.Re.7.1.8; TH:Cn10.1.8; TH:Cn11.1.8; TH:Cn11.2.8


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Best for grades 2-8.