Annual Support

The support of community members like you is vital as we seek to continue educating children and adults in the value of the performing arts and to being a catalyst for the redevelopment of Dayton’s downtown area. Your annual gifts bridge the gap between ticket prices and the rising costs of bringing only the very best Broadway shows to our community. Annual Funds also ensure that our performance venues are professionally maintained for your enjoyment and for future audiences.


Thank you to our generous Annual Fund donors!

For more information about the benefits of becoming an Annual Fund donor, please contact Paula McLaughlin, Manager – Individual Giving & Donor Relations, at 937-228-7591, ext. 3018.

Annual Fund Donor Benefits


Impresario $10,000+

  • We share our sincere thanks to our top contributors in our preshow remarks.
  • Concierge service – including a Citilites reservation, priority seating, and free use of our beautiful preperformance reception room – makes the theatre experience superb.*

Producer $7,500 – $9,999

  • Producers get the star treatment, including a preshow dinner for four with VTA President Ken Neufeld at Citilites (excluding alcohol), premium tickets to Premier Health Broadway Series productions.*
  • Six tickets to a selected performance at the Victoria Theatre.*

Director $5,000-$7,499

  • We honor Directors with VIP parking during each Premier Health Broadway Series production.
  • For Directors to share their love of theatre with friends, we offer three extra tickets at any one VTA presentation.*
  • You are on the guest list for impromptu theatrical experiences throughout the season.

Playwright $2,500-$4,999

  • We encourage theatre appreciation by allowing Playwrights to bring one friend for free to any one VTA presentation.*
  • Complimentary parking during any Premier Health Broadway Series production makes the theatregoing experience seamless.

Star $1,500-$2,499

  • We reward entrance to the President’s Circle with an invitation to the prestigious President’s Circle Reception.
  • Stars also receive two complimentary beverages at each Premier Health Broadway Series production.


Stage Manager $750-$1,499

  • To recognize the highest level of patron contribution, we formally thank our Stage Managers at a special donor celebration.

Designer $300-$749

  • We offer Designers access to presale tickets and an intimate backstage tour of the historic Victoria Theatre or Schuster Center, as well as invitations to intermission receptions.

Artist $75-$299

  • We honor Artists’ contributions with inclusion in the list of donors in the Premier Health Broadway Series program book.

* Subject to availability.

Each level of giving receives the benefits listed at that level and all those listed below that level.

President's Circle Donors

Impresario ($10,000 and above)

Charles D. Berry
Kate and Steve Hone
Kettering Family Philanthropies
Lou and Steve Mason
Richard A. Mullen
The Jesse and Caryl Philips Foundation

Rick and Jane Schwartz
David Wyse
The Wyse Family Foundation
Everett and Marge Yowell

Producer ($7,500-$9,999)

Robert H. Brethen Foundation
Donald M. and Dorthea Hunt Spindler Endowment Fund

Dr. and Mrs. D. Weeks, II
Russell Total Wealth Management

Director ($5,000-$7,499)

Bob and Betty Fritschie
Ruth I. and Henry H. Hoefer Memorial Fund
James Kurek and Linda Black-Kurek
Bill and Jackie Lockwood Foundation

Mary Kaye and Fred Manchur
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Walther
Betsy and Lee Whitney
Christopher and Jamie Wyse

Playwright ($2,500-$4,999)

Nell Baker
John and Beth Ey
Bonnie and Neil Freund
Drs. Kirby and Rita Heritage
Hieronymus Family Fund, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Jensen
Jeffrey Levine
Wendy and Vince Lewis
Dave London and Kim Dinsmore
Dale and Karen Medford

Pam and Stu Merl
Ken and Nancy Quinter
John and Tanya Rhodes
Dominick and Peg Rinaldi
Annette and Monte Salsman
Martha and Mark Shaker
Norman and Mary Rita Weissman and Family
Ray Wylam

Star ($1,500-$2,499)

Joe and Maryann Bausman
Steve and Jo Beinlich
Tom and Babs Bettcher
Clarence and Judy Bittner
David and Stephanie Dickerson
Wm. Minott Gaillard
Steve and Carolyn Harmon
Sammye Harrison
Larry and Susan Hodapp
Eric and Lela Marcus

Miami Valley Combined Federal Campaign
Lee Monnin
Ms. Marla Schuster-Nissan
Ed and Fran O’Shaughnessy
Casey and Jason Ott
Ms. Nan P. Parrott
Diane and Bill Schaff
Harold and Marie Shanks
Bill and Kelly Stone
Bill and Cynthia Uhl
Toni and Bill Winger

Patron Level Donors

Stage Manager ($750-$1,499)

Gary and Rachel Auman
Dr. J.M. Bocock
Cal and Nancy Busch
Dr. Michael and Connie Jo Caccamo
Robert and Donna Curry
Susan B. Davis
John and Kathy Dunn
Dr. Robert R. and Beverly Gardner
Larry Glickler and Charles L. Quinn
Mr. Brian Gleeson and Mrs. Vickie Gleeson
Janet and Don Grieshop
Bruce and Mayumi Hall
Keith and Claire Hoffman
Joseph & Barbara Hollander
Russell M. Holtz and Sherrie E. Klein
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Ronald and Jane Katsuyama
Albert and Fern Leland
Bill and Sally Lincoln
Louise and Stan Maher

Frederick and Holly McConnaughey
Carol and Vail Miller
Bob and Linda Nevin
Jeanette and Jim Patton
Judy Payne
Col. and Mrs. Wayne C. Pittman, Jr.
Bernard and Carole Rabinowitz Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Federation
Jean Raga
Colleen Ryan
Harold and Marie Shanks
Rich and Jackie Siefring
Rick Stover
Terry and Diane Tobey
Gail and Dick Wagner
Neil Webster
Dardon and Debbie Whittaker
David Jason Wyse
Robert, Melissa and Michaela Young

Designer ($300-$749)

Allan and Nancy Anderson
Brenda D. Arnett
Patrick and Karen Bachelder
Barlow Family
John and Cynthia Barron
Dwight and Marsha Bartlett
Art and Kathleen Bauer
Robert J. Belisle
Larry and Donna Campbell
Dr. David and Amy Carter
Anastasia Christopher
Dr. and Mrs. Peter C. Chu
Dr. Michael Chune
Mr. Steven D. Cobb
Rob and Sandy Cornell
Richard and Rebecca Courtney
Lizabeth Cox
Marty and Jack Culp
Jennifer M de Vries
Joyce E. Dean and Mary Ellen Batiuk
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Deschenes
David L. Dellis
Helen and Rocky Demers
Paul and Jacqueline DePalma
David DeSantis
Don and Sue Dugan
Bob and Donna Duplain
Carol Echols
Laura Enzbrenner and Bob Eling
Dr. Mike Ervin
Richard E. Feldmann
James and Leatha Ferncez
Lura B. Gabriele
Lynn and David Goldenberg
Carolyn Gordon
Rick and Dureena Grove
Janet and Don Grieshop
Susan and Joe Gruenberg
Drs. Gregory Hoack and Jinga Thakore
Marilyn and Russell Hackett
Tom and Sarah Haydon
Jon & Marj Hazelton
Mrs. Lori Heinrich
Aaron and Amy Huesman
Kevin and Sandra Hyde
Edmond Corday & Leslie Hyll
Denise Uhl and Larry Jenkins
Byron and Susan Kentner
Michael A. Kerr
Marilyn and Larry Klaben
Dr. and Dr. Jeffrey Kleinman
Mr. Art and Dr. Susan Komarowski
Chuck and Karen Kronbach
Lynda Lafleur
Bryan and Stephanie LaPlant
Mr. Thomas Laufersweiler
Gary L. Leroy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. LeSourd, Jr.
Mr. Constantine Liakakos
Jose and Lynne Lopez
James A. and Ellen M. Luken

Manpower of Dayton, Inc.
Ildiko Marcus
Dr. Connie McCarroll
Roger and Mary McClure
Ron McCray
Pat and David McDonald
David McGillivary
Bill and Donna McGraw
John and Kathleen McKeon
Jarrod McNaughton
Glenn and Wynona Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Monnett
David and Nancy Neer
Shaun and Susan Nicholson
Charles Norman
Susan Henry and Perry Nystrom
Rick and Cheri Ohmer
Dr. Robert and Beverly Orosz
Linda Orr
Jimmie Parker
Ronald Dean Patrick
Col (Ret) and Mrs. James Pendergast
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Perez
Sandi Pfennig
Ms. Joann Plotkin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Prophater
Ken and Marianne Pugar
Jean and Ron Rockafellow
James and Judy Rudd
Jonathan and Bambi Saxe
Col. Lee Schatzley and Carol Graff
William Schuerman
Dr. Gregory Semon and Mr. William Mayfield
Debra J. Serie
Carol Sheehan
Connie and Rob Shoenfelt
David F. Sikora
Thomas & Roberta Smigel
Richard Smythe
Brad and Tina Snider
Mr. and Mrs. Rajesh Soin
Ms. Robin Spiller
Bernice L. Stephen
Heidi Tucholski
Marla M. Vichich
Nancy and Rick Vogel
Glenn and Jane Watts
Paul and Susanne Weaver
Tony and Karen Wendeln
Eric and Jan Whitmer
Mr. Kenneth A. Willis
Dr. and Mrs. William C.H. Wilson
Thomas and Debra Winstel
Susan and Randy Woods
David and Sarah Wrazen
Carol Yegerlehner

Artist ($75-$299)

Anonymous Donors
John and Sharon Abbott
Helen Abramovitz
Dr. Howard and Judy Abromowitz
Gene and Gwen Adams
Adams Robinson Enterprises Inc.
Doris and Ron Adler
Jennifer, Judi and Lauren Aiken
AK Steel Foundation
Allan and Nancy Anderson
Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority Ohio Epsilon Chapter
Thomas and Lisa Alvetro- Rossman
Mrs. Kathryn Allen
Shirley Ark
Brenda D. Arnett
Mr. and Mrs. John Artz
Ron and Noreen Atkins
James and Vicki Back
Michael and Carol Baer
Ken and Judy Bailey
Dr. and Mrs. R. Alan Baker
Sharyn and Gary Bambauer
Fred and Joy Bartenstein
Sheela Barhan and Ricardo Buenaventura
Gary Barlow
Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Bauser
Mrs. Constance Baxter
Jim and Pam Bayliff
Richard and Barbara Beard
Dr. Marc Belcastro
Miss Martha L. Bell
Elaine and Joe Bettman
Ray and Pauline Blatz
Allen and Gail Blincoe
Judy and John Bloom
Dr. John K. Boedigheimer
Larry A. Boos
Sue Borchers
Dr. Ann Bowers
David and Sandra Brandt
Dr. Robert Brandt
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Breisch
Jim and Beverly Broestl
Randy and Angie Brooks
David Bruno and Margaret K. Conditt
Mrs. Phyllis Buchwalder
John and Carol Bucklew
Bonnie Buddendeck
Brenda K. Burkholder
Kevin and Jane Busarow
Dr. Alejandro R. Calvo
Ms. Ellyn Carfrey
Jeanne Carlson
Glen and Lynn Carr
Robert L. Caspar Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Catlett
Mr. Raul Chabali
Bob and Ruth Chandler
Shirley S. Chang
Melissa Chapman
Shelly Charles
Annette Chavez
Brad and Betsy Clapp
Anthony and Lynda Colussi
Richard Considine
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Cook
Bill and Sherrill Cooper
Mr. Tom Cooper
Drs. Francis and Barbara Cortez
Melissa Jane Cottongim
Michele Cree
Gregg and Linda Cross
Mr. and Mrs. K. Michael Crumley
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Cubick
Chuck and Linda Cumberworth
Mr. Richard Dailey
Brian and Susan Daly
Janice and Ralph Daniels
John Davis
Mike and Linda Davis
Dayton Reciprocity Of The PEO Sisterhood
Ron and Judy Decker
Barbara and William Devenzio
Ann and David Diller
Sandra Dobberstein
Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Doll
Christy Donnelly
John and Lynne Dorn
Dorothy Lane Market, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Don Drozd
Barbara Dunaway
Robert and Barbara Early
Susan and Louis A. Eckert
Richard and Maryann Eckhardt
Dr. Alan and Pattie Edmonson
Helene and John Ehrhart
David and Kathleen Elliott
Melvin and Sondra Elliott
Richard and Karen Engman
Bob and Tammi Eslinger
Lee Falke
Grace and Frank Fasano
Katrina Faucett
Tom and Loretta Feller
Charles Fenstermaker
Thomas and Marilyn Ferdelman
Judith and Joe Fergus Charitable Foundation
Marc and Eileen Ferree
Michael and Jennifer Fischer
Mr. John Flach
Mary and Dan Fleischman
Paul Fogarty
William Frapwell
Lt. Col. Ret. and Mrs. Daniel P. French
Thomas and Grace Frericks
Gary and Deborah Froelich
Jeffrey E. Froelich Family
Ms. Carole & Ms. Sandy Frommeyer
James and Lisa Gaines
Thomas and Kay Gallagher
Ginny Gambrell
Joseph Gannon
Gershow Family Fund
S. Bradley Gillaugh
Bret and Kim Givens
A. Gladney
Elizabeth Galdney
Barbara and James Gorman
Gary and Sharon Gottschlich
Daniel and Michelle Gouge
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Grady
Gary R. Gravette
Martha R. and Everett L. Gray Fund
Daniel Greger
Peter S. and Carol Corr Greis
Dennis and Connie Grosjean
Howard Grass and Mary Ellen Leary
John Grossnickle
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Von Gruenigen
Paul and Kathi Gruner
Stephen and Mary Guilfoos
Dennis and Denise Hall
Jacob, Andrew, and Gabrielle Haines
Dorothy and Thomas Hampshire
Robert Hanna
Gary and Nancy Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. R. Steven Harman
Dr. John P. & Christine Harmeyer
Scott and Janice Harshman
Lorraine K. Hart
James Hemmert
Jason Henry
Melanie Henness
Gary Long and Lynne Hickman-Long
Jane Hindenlang
John and Marsha Hinsch
Harry and Zoe Hittner
Greg and Mindy Hoffbauer
Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Suzanne Holloway
Ms. Brianna Hood
Roy and Pat Horvath
Dan Howe
Peter Howe
Bruce Howorth
Corrine Huber
Dan and Nancy Huffman
John and Debbie Hussmann
IATSE Local 66
Nanette Idle
Michael Imhoff
David R. Imsande CPA
Sharon Irving
John and Kathy Jahoda
Constance Jann
John Jauch
Kirk and Beverly Johnsen
Katherine Johnson
Sara J. Jorgensen
Dr. Stephen and Lynda Joseph
Juhascik Family

Sonja Kasch
D. Robert and Mary Jean Keeler
William Keeley
Gary Kelly
David M. and Dixie N. Kepler
Sandra Kershner
Joan and Tony Klepacz
Wendy and Ron Kline
Jennifer Koesters
Bob and Lynn Kos
Susan L. Kratzer
Calvin and Anne Kuhn
Jane Marie Kwiecinski
Emile and Donna LaChance
John & Pat Landen
Ms. Patricia L. Lavy
John Lawhorn and Linda Shiverdecker
Robert & Kathryn Lawrence
Edward Lehman
Joe and Kelly Lehman
Scott and Ann Liberman
Daniel & Jennifer Light
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lorenzetti
Tim and Ellen Love
Mr. Tony Lupia
Jane Lynch
Hugh and Marygena Lynn
Stephanie Macduff
Debra Mallonee
Christy and Michael Manchester
Lois Anton Mann
Bob and Molly Mann
Jeffrey and Peggy Markland
Teresa Martin
Bruce and Ann Martino
Virginia Matz
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. McCabe
Dr. Connie McCarroll
Col. and Mrs. Jack E. McCormick (Ret.)
Kevin & Debbie McCoy
Kevin and Mary McDonald
George and Kathryn McGowan
Mrs. Marlene McLefresh
Nanci D. McMaken
Bruce McNaughton
David and Janet Merrelli
Travis and Shannon Michalak
Mary Ann Miley
Carol Ann Miller
Ms. Linda Miller
Rose and Clif Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Minnich
Robert L. Mitsch
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Molfenter
John and Anna Monnett
Laurie Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy
Annette Nathan
Robert and Margie Neff
Christy Nicolas
Thomas Norwalk
Susan Henry and Perry Nystrom
Donald O’Connor
Fred Oliver
Lelia Oliver
Ron and Sue O’Rear
Ryan Overman
Mark and Debra Owens
Dr. Robert Peets
Phyllis Pence
Linda Phelps
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pinti
Gary and Barbara Poleskey
Dr. and Mrs. Ted Pope
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Pottenger
Barbara and John Powell
Kim Prater
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Rabiner
William and Gloria Radlinger
Bruce Rank
Michael Rarick & Pam Taiclet
Philip and Carolyn Rathweg
Mary Ray
Ron and Lori Reazin
Richard Rehs
Bonnie Beaman Rice and Walter H. Rice
Patricia A. Riley
David Rothschild
Scott and Jayne Rowlett
Duane and Mary Rubertus
David and Katherine Ryan
Karie Sampson
David and C.J. Schoeff
Jerry and Judith Schriml
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schwartzkopf
Deron J. Schwieterman
Mary Ellen and Gary Sellars
Earl and Nancy Sever
Linda and Joel Shapiro
Neil Sharkey
Lori Shaw
Randy and Shelly Shellabarger
Betsy and Mike Shepard
Mr. Mark Shepard
Jim and Holly Shields
Brenda Shiverdecker
Marianne Shoemaker
Carol J. Siciliano
Carol Simons
Col. and Mrs. Larry Skapin, Ret. USAF
Kathie and Edward Smith
Rick L. Smith
Debra Spitler
William and Nancy Stahl
Gail Pearce Staley and Steven K. Staley
John Staten
Loretta Stauffer
Carole and Tom Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Pat Stover
Gerald and Linda Straw
Dan and Phyllis Strayer
Gary Streby
Elizabeth and Lynn Stryker
Stephen and Renee Stumpfl
Kim Temple
Gilbert & Pat Templeton
John Thigpen & Elizabeth Berman
Mr. James R. Thomeczek
Connie Thompson
John and Ruth Thompson
Steven Thompson
Jacqueline and J. Bradford Tillson
Bob and Ruth Tobias
Barbara Lynn Trick
Ron and Pam Tritsch
Mr. David Turckes
Howard Ullery and Phyllis Pence
Mr. and Mrs. John Venis
Sherri and Darrell Vincent
DiAnn and David Vyszenski-Moher
Gregory and Deborah Waddell
Joy J. Wahl
Marjory and Walter Waligura
Bob and Lucy Wallace
Deborah E. Ward
Judy Ware
Don Webb
Donald and Caryl Weckstein
Rosa Lee Weinert
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Welin
Dennis Wells
Hewett and Amelia Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Welsh
Barbara Werth
Bridget West
Ms. Shelia Westrick
Brenda Whitney
Carl and Kay Wick
Roger and Nancy Wickert
Mike and Louise Wier
Saundra E. Wieser
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wiley
Dr. Craig F. Williams
Brian Williamson
Lawrence and Mary Wiser
Joe and Cindy Woerner
Ann and Don Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Wolf
Mrs. Penny Wolf
Mr. Thomas Wolf
William Wolf
Thomas and Deborah Hoying
Mr. and Mrs. Woods
William and Catherine Wright
Jim and Esther Wright
Ballard I. Yates
Lori Young
Kristy Zachiel
Mike Zywienn

Corporate Matching

The following companies have generously matched contributions to the Annual Fund.

American Honda
AK Steel Foundation
Ball Corporation
Bituminous Insurance Companies
The Boeing Company
Emerson Climate Technologies
The GE Foundation
Hewlett Packard

IBM International Foundation
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
ITW Foundation
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
KeyBank Foundation
Network For Good
Quaker Chemical Foundation


Paula McLaughlin
Manager – Individual Giving & Donor Relations
937-228-7591, ext. 3018