Honor, Remember, Celebrate

What a beautiful way to honor, remember, or celebrate that special person or occasion in your life by making a gift to Victoria Theatre Association. Each gift is promptly acknowledged, and notification is made according to your specifications.


For information about the donating to honor, remember, or celebrate, please contact Paula McLaughlin, Manager – Individual Giving & Donor Relations, at 937-228-7591, ext. 3018.


Thank you for your gifts that honor, remember, and celebrate life!

In Memory of Frank and Charlotte Carlson – Jeanne Carlson
In Memory of Tom J. Danis – Bill and Sherrill Cooper
In Loving Memory of Mary Lou Cox – Lizabeth Cox
In Memory of Oscar A. Droste – Dr. and Mrs. Allan Feller
In Memory of Marsha Froelich – Jeffrey E. Froelich & Family
In Memory of Carole R. Gravette – Gary Gravette
In Memory of Ian Jay Hollander – Joseph and Barbara Hollander
In Memory of Norman and Hariat Marcus – Eric & Lela Marcus
In Memory of Lawrence & Thelma McCarroll – Dr. Connie J. McCarroll
In Memory of Charlyne and Robert J. Orr – Linda M. Orr
In Memory of Frances and Don Eddy – Jeanette and Jim Patton

In Memory of Richard Pfennig – Sandi Pfennig
In Memory of Karl J. Plotkin, MD – Joann Plotkin
In Memory of Gretchen M. Sadlier – Patricia A. Riley
In Honor of Coleman Jennings and the Discovery Series – Deanna and Ron Roth
In Memory of Ruth Dowds Richardson – John and Carol Sheehan
In Memory of Beatrice U. Young – Ronald Young
In Memory of Onilee Spiller – Robin Spiller
In Memory of Ruth Sprague – Karen Stine
In Honor of U.S. Military Veterans – William and Diane Schaff
In Memory of Craig Rabiner – Andrea S. Rabiner
In Memory of Tom Danis – Penny Wolf


Paula McLaughlin
Manager – Individual Giving & Donor Relations
937-228-7591, ext. 3018