Each season, more than 600 volunteers from the Dayton area donate more than 60,000 hours of their time to Victoria Theatre Association.


Volunteers work as ticket scanners, ushers and bartenders at the Victoria Theatre, Schuster Center, and The Loft Theatre. Ushers are responsible for seating patrons, enforcing house policies, assisting patrons, and answering questions. They may also assist with mailings, staff fair and festival booths, and other tasks.

Become a Volunteer

Thank you for your interest! We are not accepting new volunteers at this time. Please fill out the application at the link below and your information will be kept on file. 

Volunteers are expected to attend an orientation, training sessions, and commit to working a minimum of 15 performances per season. The commitment to volunteering should be viewed as a part-time job. We expect the same high standards of professionalism from our volunteers as we do from our paid staff members!

Click here to apply to be a VTA volunteer!

Teen Volunteers

If you’re 14-18 years old, check out our Teen Usher program! Being a Teen Usher immerses you in the performing arts experience. You’ll be be giving back to your community through volunteering, and you’ll have access to top-notch performances.

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Volunteers Contributing Over 100 Hours In 2018-2019

Carolyn Abel
Patsy Alcorn
Kathy Anderson
Fern Archer
Bob Archer
Barbara Aschenbrenner
Patricia Barone
Robert Barone
Greg Battisti
Elizabeth Battisti
Judy Bearbower
Pat Benanzer
Larry Benanzer
Phyllis Berns
Barbara Blauman
Michael Blum
Nancy Blum
Jeanne Boeke
Kathy Bole
Mary Jean Bollinger
Susan Borgert
Leilani Brown
Karla Brun
Carl Brun
Judith Burk
Trish Burke-Williams
Linda Canter
Victoria Carman
Alisha Carr
Nancy Christiansen
Eva Clair
London Coe
Mark Cooper
Linda Cosgrove
Kathy Cox
Debora Curington
Kurt Cypher
Barbara Czestochowa
Karen DePinto
Barbara Dierkers
Dora Douglas
Beatrice Downey
Cathy Doyle
John Dresher
Sonia Dresher
Louise Dunne
Barb Dunnick
Bob Duplain
Donna Duplain
Jerry Eberly
Valerie Eberly
Marlene Eby
Betsy Ellison
Ed Ellison
Marian Farley
Dianne Fennell
Robert Fennell
Billie Ferguson
Patricia Ferguson
Dorothy Ferrang
Nancy Finke
Paul Flanagan
Carolyn Flanagan
Lisa Fletcher
Marylu Flynn
Lorraine Fortner
Calvin Frank
Cathy Frank
Brian Freeh
Connie Freeh
Kelly Friday
Marlene K. Frost
Linda Gallant
Mary Gardetto
Wanda Gilbert
Andrea Gilliland
Susan Gosser
Shelva Gray
Rose Gysbers
Helen Halcomb
Evelyn Hand
Daniel Hapner
James Hartke
Marianne Hartke
Michael Harvey
Deanne Harvey
Bonnie Heikes
Kathy Hibbs
Linda Hill
Dale Hill
Margaret Hill
Evelyn Hogenkamp
Tracy Holly
Nick Hulsman
Betty Hurley
Connie Keck
Norma Keith
Robert Key
Patricia Kinder
Larry Klueber
Maria Klueber
Wade Kuhn
Anne Kuhn
Paul Kulback
Sondra Kulback

Ron Larsen
Kenneth Lawrie
Robert Linzmeier
Cecelia Long
Jim Longley
Colleen Lovett
Richard Malone
Anne Malone
Barbara Mandelbaum
Carolyn Marshall
Bill Martin
Don McAlexander
Barbara McCartney
Karen McCarty
Michael McCarty
Karen McDermott
Bruce McNaughton
Kenneth McNeal
Dave Mears
Norma Mears
Margaret Merle
Louise Michels
Jere Miller
Joanne Miller
Ginger Moss
Jane Mott
Patricia Nephew
Patricia Nies
Robert Ott
Roberta Phillips
Weigie Pomianowski
Peggy Pope
Jenny Rauch
Kevin Rehfus
Amy Rehfus
Jai Rezy
Judith Rhynard
Janet Rinehart
Cathy Roseberry
Jeanette Rowland
Barbara Roy
Janice Saunders
Beverly Scherack
Richard Scherack
Margaret Seboldt
Ira Segalewitz
James Shank
Janyce Shull
Marge Sliemers
Carol Smith
Rod Springer
Lyn Springer
Frank Stauble
Jan Stauble
Theresa Stelter
Janet Suchland
Rick Tangeman
Beth Taylor
Billy Thomas
Linda Tibbetts
Joan Tomme
Barbara Trick
James Turpen
Kathy Tyler
Jane Uhlenhake
Walter Uhlenhake
Sandra Van Zandbergen
Kathy Vonderbrink
Rehema Wa-Tenza
Gerald Weitz
Lynda Weitz
Florence Wenning
Mikki White
Kim White
Mark White
Ruth Wiles
Becky Williamson
Carol Williamson
Beverly Willis
James Wilson
Nancy Wilson
Ray Wylam
Ron Young
Susan Zurcher