Dinner Menu

2 1/2 Hours Before Evening Performances | 1 West Second Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402

Reservations are strongly encouraged. Call 937-222-0623 or make reservations online.


The perfect combination of dining & convenience!

Open for dinner 2 1/2 hours prior to most performances at the Schuster Center and some performances at the Victoria Theatre.

Located only steps away from the Box Office and theatre, you can park, pick up your tickets, dine, and enjoy a fantastic performance – all in one stunning location. We’ll even bring you your tickets and a program while you dine!

Starters/Small Plates

Butter-Poached Shrimp $10
Butter-poached shrimp with corn panna cotta and cream corn
Every coastal town from Maine to Charleston, S.C. has a local seafood boil. We were inspired by “Frogmore Stew,” a Low country dish of boiled shrimp, sausage, potatoes and corn, to create our own Midwest version. We butter poach shrimp and serve them over a panna cotta in which we’ve used nothing but corn – no cream or butter – for a fresh, light accompaniment.

Gravlax Beet Salmon $13
Gravlax cured with beets and dill, red cabbage gazpacho, buffalo yogurt mousse, roasted baby beets and shallots
Gravlax” from the Swedish gravad (buried) and lax (salmon), is rooted in a traditional technique dating back to the 14th century, when fishermen discovered that burying fresh-caught fish in the cold ground along with pine needles preserved and flavored the fish for as long as a year. In our modern interpretation, we cure salmon with beets and dill to blend the butteriness of the fish with earthy undertones, also borrowing yogurt and red cabbage from traditional recipes.

Crab Cakes $13
Fried crab cakes topped with a tomato and corn tartar, garnished with orange segments and mixed greens tossed with a lime vinaigrette
Crab cakes made their first appearance in print in the 1930 publication of The New York World’s Fair Cookbook by Crosby Gaige, even though they likely were a common menu item in Southern states, such as Louisiana, prior to that. We emphasize the proportion of seafood – plenty of crab to minimal fillers and contrast our crab cakes with a sweet corn sauce that has a touch of jalapeno to lend a hint of heat.

Fried Brussels Sprouts $9
Fried Brussels sprouts tossed with a sage Dijon cream sauce, topped with toasted sliced almonds and N.Y. white cheddar cheese
Brussels sprouts were first harvested as early as the 13th century, but cultivated as we know them today in Belgium around 1587. They made their appearance in the U.S. in the 1800s. With a growing season in our area that spans from October to spring, they are the perfect ingredient to present on our menu, fall through winter. We pair them with a sage cream for a true taste of the season.

Heston’s Meat Fruit and Cheese Plate $11
Chicken liver pâté dipped in a mandarin jelly, served with aged cheddar, brie and smoked Gouda cheeses, red grapes and crisp crostini
With this platter, Citilites Chef Matthew DeAngulo pays homage to renowned Chef Heston Blumenthal, who introduced the culinary world to “Meat Fruit” when he created a serving of pâté dipped in mandarin orange jelly to form a perfectly believable faux fruit. Following this idea, based on British dishes dating back to the 1300-1500s, we present a cheese plate of fresh, aged, soft and hard cheeses, arranged in the order in which they should be tasted, alongside a chicken liver pâté perfectly enveloped in zesty mandarin coating.

Artichoke Cakes $10
Three artichoke cakes in rice panko on a roasted red pepper sauce with small green salad tossed in lemon vinaigrette topped with roasted tomatoes
Our new artichoke cakes celebrate the slightly spicy, golden, and crispy characteristics of our most popular appetizer — our famous crab cakes — while offering ingredients that will satisfy those following vegan and gluten-free preferences — no eggs, no breadcrumbs. (Please note the oil we use for frying is not gluten-free.)

The Garden

Add Chicken +$5, Two Crab Cakes +$8, or Salmon +$8

Citilites House Salad $5
Mixed greens, vegetable garnish with choice of dressing

Kale Caesar Salad $6/$11
A bed of baby kale topped with garlic rosemary croutons, Parmesan cheese, and sweet potato chips

Wintergarden Salad $7/$13
A Citilites classic with mixed greens, diced apples, bleu cheese, dried cranberries, spiced pecans, and carrots, served with sweet-herb vinaigrette

The Burgers

Make your burger a platter with a cup of tomato bisque, house salad, or fries for $3.

Chef’s Double Smashed Burger $14
A double stack prime beef cheeseburger cooked and seasoned to perfection with tomato, lettuce and onion, served with our house-made Citi-Chips
It all began in 1873 when Delmonico’s of New York City listed a Hamburg steak on the very first menu to be printed in the U.S., offering it at the exorbitant price of 10 cents. The trademark for the word “cheeseburger” was awarded in 1935 to Louis Ballast of the Humpty Dumpty Drive-In in Denver, Co. Although he never enforced his rights to the name, it has been widespread ever since. Our double smashed burger strives for timeless excellence.

Citilites Vegetable Burger $12
This house favorite mixture of flaxseed, mixed vegetables, and fresh herbs is formed to a gluten-free vegan patty on a bun from Evans Original Bakery, topped with a smoked Gouda cheese and aioli, served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and house-made sweet potato chips
Veggie burgers are mostly associated with current food trends, but our version celebrates one of the oldest crops in the world. Flaxseed, from the Latin linum usitatissimum, meaning “very useful,” has been around since the beginning of civilization. It was introduced into the US by early colonists for the production of fiber for clothing. Every part of the flaxseed plant is used commercially today. Our veggie burger is vegetarian, vegan and can be gluten-free without the bun.

The Classics

The Classics include choice of a cup of tomato bisque or house salad and rolls with whipped butter. Upgrade house salad to a small Wintergarden or kale Caesar salad for $2.

Roast Chicken Carbonara $26
Roast chicken from Hill Family Farms seasoned with black pepper, paired with a roasted stewed tomato, fresh green pea custard, angel hair pasta and a pancetta Parmesan sauce
Creamy pasta “carbonara” (meaning, “in the manner of coal miners,” perhaps a reference to the flecks of black pepper) is said to have originated in a Roman restaurant after World War II when the Allies ousted the German forces and distributed rations of eggs and bacon to the starving Italian population. Carbonara started showing up on American menus when GIs returned home to the US. Our version deconstructs the classic pasta carbonara with all the beloved ingredients still present alongside succulent roast chicken and a plump stewed tomato.

Ivory Salmon and Green Pea Risotto $32
Grilled ivory salmon, fresh green pea risotto with a 6-month cured Kentucky ham and a crisp lemon beurre blanc
Only 5% of Alaska king salmon have white flesh. We have this rare delicacy, usually only served as a one-time special in restaurants, on our menu for the entire season. Ivory salmon has all the nutritional benefits, but a milder taste than its red and pink relatives, which derive their color from a crustacean diet. We use award-winning Broadbent Grand Champion hand-cured, hickory-smoked Kentucky hams to garnish our classic northern Italian-style pea risotto for a combination of elegant flavors.

Short Rib Sauerbraten $27
Beef short rib marinated for 72 hours and braised to perfection with German red cabbage and buttery mashed potatoes
Sauerbraten, in German meaning “sour” or “pickled” meat, is thought to have its origins in beef marinated in wine that Julius Caesar sent over the Alps to the newly founded Roman colony of Cologne — OR — other theories give credit to Charlemagne for its invention in the 9th century — OR — it could have been Saint Albert the Great who popularized the dish in Cologne in the 13th century. Now in the 21st century, we are presenting this classic braised dish with a deep reverence for historical cuisine.

Filet Mignon $35
7 oz. of beef, red wine reduction and mustard sauces, butter fried wild mushrooms, mashed potatoes and fried leeks
In French, the term “filet mignon” means “dainty fillet” and was first used by author O. Henry in his 1906 collection of short stories The Four Million. He refers to filet mignon multiple times throughout the book to invoke moments of romance and celebration. We stick with a classic preparation – mushrooms, mustard and red wine sauce have accompanied filet mignon for generations. For special touches, we sauté the mushrooms in butter and present two sauces on the plate.

Scallops $26
Pan-seared scallops with a local apricot and pancetta sauce, crispy polenta
The indulgent creaminess of bay scallops has endowed this delicacy with its elevated status as one of the most desired of culinary treats for seafood lovers. First cultivated in Japan in 1934, sustainable aquaculture now ensures nearly global availability of these succulent beauties. In our presentation of pan-seared scallops, we showcase sweet and salty contrasts to the buttery seafood with apricot and pancetta and add a nutty, earthy note with crispy polenta.

Eggplant Napoleon $22
Fried eggplant rounds with roasted tomatoes, portobello cap stuffed with fresh baby spinach, roasted pepper, fresh mozzarella and balsamic reduction
Our eggplant napoleon is a vegetarian entrée inspired by the Caprese salad. Some sources say this classic dish (meaning “salad of Capri”) was the invention of a patriotic Italian mason who, after World War I, created a simple salad of tomato, basil and mozzarella, and enclosed it in a fragrant roll to replicate the colors of Italy’s tricolor flag. We reinterpret the tricolors with lightly browned eggplant, red pepper, and spinach, and offer this item as a gluten-free menu option.

Brie Pasta $19 (Add Chicken Breast +$5, Shrimp +$6)
Capellini pasta tossed in a Champagne, brie, and Parmesan cream sauce with garlic fresh tomatoes
In France, brie is nicknamed “The Queen of Cheeses.” Legend has it that in the 8th century, French Emperor Charlemagne first tasted this soft cheese at a monastery in Reuil-en-Brie and fell in love with its creamy rich flavor. Many cheeses worldwide are made and sold as “brie,” but the legitimate variety is only made in the Seine-et-Marne area south of Paris. With pasta and shrimp or chicken, our dish takes on a global appeal.

Ratatouille $19
A mixture of tomatoes, squash, zucchini, and eggplant with fresh herbs and potato sauce
Historically, Ratatouille is a “peasant dish.” We found gloriously hearty recipes for this classic side dish in old French cookbooks from Nice and Provence. Although the vegetables used can vary from recipe to recipe, we are combining the traditional selection, usually presented as a stew, in a rather more elegant assembly that is strictly vegan, gluten-free, and ample enough for an entree.

We are proud to feature Ohio Amish Chicken, sustainably farmed Scottish salmon, and to work with local vendors including Hydro-Growers, Hill Family Farms, Evans Bakery, Rhan’s Bakery, and Warped Wing Brewery.